About MoistureMaster

The MoistureMaster™ accurately displays the actual moisture content of plastic pellets, flake or regrind, in % or PPM (parts per million). MoistureMaster™ sensors can be retrofitted to virtually any drying hopper (regardless of manufacturer), silo, material line or machine throat and the moisture analysis is displayed on a color touch screen control which can display data for up to four or eight hoppers. MoistureMaster™ series dryers are also available. They will not only display moisture content but will actually modify drying parameters to keep the moisture content within the parameters you set. Trending screens are standard on the controls and options are available to divert or re-circulate material that is not within your dryness specifications.

MoistureMaster Features

  • Automatically measure/control pellet moisture content
  • Standard PLC color touchscreen control displays pellet moisture as a percentage or parts per million (ppm)
  • Standard Network connection allows your PC to capture pellet moisture data and trending
  • Includes up to 100 resin recipes in PLC memory

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